Coping With Advanced Pancreatic Cancer

Discover advanced pancreatic cancer in this article. Unfortunately, advanced cancer is usually incurable. But treatment can control it, relieve symptoms and give you a good quality of life for a while.

Pancreatic Cancer

What is advanced pancreatic cancer?

Advanced pancreatic cancer means that the cancer has spread from where it started or returns after a certain time after treatment (relapse). Pancreatic cancer can be very advanced when diagnosed for the first time. You may not have symptoms at an early stage, or it may be unclear and difficult to detect.

Advanced disease

This means that the cancer spreads in the closest blood vessels and possibly in the lymph nodes. It can spread in the stomach, bile ducts or small intestine (duodenum), but not in the furthest organ in the body.

In some people, treatment with chemotherapy and radiation therapy can reduce the cancer sufficiently to allow surgery.

Metastatic disease

This means that the cancer has spread through the bloodstream, or lymphatic system, to other organs. The most common place to spread is the heart.

Can also spread to:

  • The lining of the intestine or stomach (peritoneum)
  • Lungs
  • His bones
  • at another place
  • Cancer that has spread to other organs in the body is called secondary cancer or metastasis.

Life sustainability

Many people want to know what the prospect is and how they will develop the cancer. It’s different for everyone. The cancer specialist has all the information about you and your cancer. I am the best person to discuss this.

You can also talk to a specialist nurse.

Treatment options

Although cancer cannot be cured, treatment is available to control the symptoms. Treatment can reduce cancer, slow it down and help some people live longer.

Treatment may include chemotherapy, radiotherapy and surgery.

  • Choosing the best treatment for you depends on:
  • Where in the body of the cancer has spread
  • Size and number of secondary tumors
  • Treatments you already have
  • Your general health
  • Find the treatment
  • You may also need pain control with pain that kills drugs or nerve blocks.

There may be experimental treatment tests where you can participate. This may be evidence for new chemotherapy drugs, a new type of pain control or a new type of treatment.

Treatment options

If you have advanced cancer, it may be difficult to determine which treatment to try, if any. It is important to consider the side effects and trips to the hospital for appointments and treatments.

Most importantly, you need to understand what can be achieved with the treatment you offer. Your doctor will discuss treatment options and may be a specialist counselor or nurse you can chat with.

You may also want to talk with close relatives or friends. You may want to check out our consulting organization or visit the consultation section.

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