My name is Camilla. I’m a psychologist. I have been leading the blog since July 26, 2012. I personally am a loving wife to a wonderful man who supports me every day in my life decisions and contributes to this place with me.

I drink coffee a lot, necessarily with a little milk, I read motivational books, and I still learn to be an optimist. In the future, I would like to travel more, to create an image of individuals and to run courses for women supporting their personal development. Besides, I love life since it gives me the strongest embrace for my frail shoulders.

Dealing with managing finance is also my hobby. I run this blog to help you deal financially with your personal and business finances if you are running your own business. I am writing about how to increase earnings, healthy spending actively saves money, invest in a business and enjoy life. How to achieve financial freedom, ensure financial security for yourself, your family or your business, and how to increase your financial well-being. Here you will learn more about the subject of the blog and where to start reading.


Happy reading everyone….