5 Tips To Sell Your House In A Flash (According To Feng Shui)

Knowing how to sell your home with feng shui will save you time, money, and help avoid unnecessary effort. Feng shui, which is a form of ancient art, has many “how to” tips to help you sell your home in the simplest and easiest way.

5 tips to sell your house in a flash (according to feng shui)

So if you are going to sell your house or are looking to sell your house for some time, here are some tips on how to get the “energy” on the go.

  1. Go outside

Your flat, your condo, your home, no matter what you sell; you should look at it from a distance.

Better yet, do this a little feng shui practice with a friend who has not seen your house for a while. Quickly write down all thoughts and first impressions about your home that come to mind in the first 2-3 minutes.

Do not censor information or be defensive. The more you are open to criticism, the more you will be better at presenting your home. You might think that big purple frogs look cool from your front door and that’s also good feng shui (no it’s not!); Potential buyers, however, will not appreciate it. As with any sale, how to sell your house is to sell certain emotions, rather than the commodity itself. Be very aware of the power quality of your main entrance; make it looks fresh and inviting. 

  1. Go fresh and green

If you own a house, definitely invest in the landscape. This will increase the value of your property, as well as attract better energy-quality for your home.

If you live in a duplex or an apartment building and there is plenty to “get out” to work, focus on the main entrance and bring excited Chi, or energy to the main entrance. Invest in a high fertile plant or bring a bottle with fresh cut flowers, has good lighting, a beautiful art. Creating a feeling of spaciousness and expansion with strategic placement of mirror feng shui, updating paint color of wall, etc.

  1. Less is more

When you buy something and I mean everything – clothes, equipment, and food – it’s often useful to see or try these items in action. If you taste certain foods, you are very inclined to buy them, right? The same goes for clothes – the beautiful sweater looks much better than a doll rather than stacked with all the other sweaters. You see it, you touch it, you live it, then you want to buy it. However, do you want to pay the overall price for used goods? Probably not. Think of this as you prepare to sell your home – the least personal, or used to make your home look, the better it is. Show your best abilities of showcasing how certain spaces can be used, but do not overdo it with a personal touch.

Create a sense of well-being in the bathroom, but hide all your personal belongings (buyers do not need to know the brands of toothpaste you love). Make kitchen smells and looks good, but simplify the look of old recycled cans, and so on. Well, you have the idea.

  1. Go for good energy

Most importantly, consider the feng shui energy triangle that is very important when preparing to sell your home. Energy in the kitchen, in the bathroom and in the bedroom is to make or break the sale of the house.

Buyers should know that they are sleeping, eat well, and relax well if they choose to buy your home. Treat your prospective buyer’s imagination with respect: know how to turn it on, know how to support it throughout your home and also know when to go back and let them take it from there.

Also, buyers want to feel safe when living in your house. Make sure your house is free from dangerous leads, mold, and asbestos. If you happen to live in Melbourne, there is a high chance that your house has asbestos. Consult a professional asbestos removalist in Melbourne (https://www.asbestoswatchmelbourne.com.au/asbestos-removal-melbourne/) to make sure that your house is not at risk of asbestos exposure.

  1. Let go

This may sound strange, but it is a very important final step to prepare your house for sale (after doing all the work of course!). I mention it because I have seen it often in my consulting practice. People will aggravate the house they want to sell. It can happen at the unconscious level, or it can only be a family member who is resistant to home sales and will not move. Understand that these energy dynamics can prevent home sales fast and do your best to address the emotional issues at the bottom of your home sales.

After all, have you tried to give something to someone while at the same time holding on the item very tight? It’s impossible. Make sure these dynamics are not in your home and you will be good on your way to your new house!

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